SLO Question

Lionel Samuel lionel.samuel01 at
Sat Jul 7 18:52:50 EDT 2018

User has sessions on 2 applications:

- Application X
- Application Y

Both X & Y claim they 'support' SLO.

In reality -- as season vets on the list will know -- the 2 applications
can initiate SLO but won't receive SLO requests.

World is not fair -- we know that.

The question is...when user initiated SLO from Application X (all is good
with the messaging)....and subsequently initiates SLO from Application Y,
the following messaging is received:

- An error occurred: SessionNotFound

I get that when initiating from Application Y, there is no session left of
the IdP to invalidate --- however, is there any way I can change messaging
above (rather than have users calling saying error occured)?

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