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Fri Jul 6 14:15:33 EDT 2018

Hello all,

 I need a spa application to be secured with Shibboleth, which is used by our university.  The application is a single page angular application.  We can secure a page on the server, so we do have the ability to access Shibboleth from our server.  The workflow that I want to implement follows.

1 user tries to access a specific landing page (protected by Shibboleth)
2 user is re-routed to Shibboleth for credentials.
3 NOT KNOWN - how to have the request rerouted to the SPA application.  Is there a server side method available to generate a Jason Web Token for the Shibboleth Authenticated user and redirect to the SPA???

I am very open to any workshops, or sample code that someone might have regarding Shibboleth's use in a single page application.  I have searched the web for such a sample without any luck.  Lack of Shibboleth integration would be a show stopper for us.  Any help or references are greatly appreciated.  I am sure someone has solved this problem.  Please help me, I am running out of resources.

Thank you for your time and any help that you may offer.

Any HELP is GREATLY appreciated!

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