in base 64 in IDP 3.4.0 responses

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Thu Jul 5 10:57:15 EDT 2018

> Sorry if this should go to another list. I can't tell where it's best to send
> questions about unreleased versions.

dev or just file a bug.

Santuario changed the line ending in the base64 encoder back in 2.0.7, and V3.3 of the IdP is on 2.0.5 so we haven't had to address the issue yet in a shipping version.

I believe Colm either reverted the change or added a property to control it and one way or the other by the time we ship it will likely be doing what it did before, but you should file a bug against 3.4 and mark it Blocker so it isn't forgotten.

That said, if we had shipped this, we would be within our rights. That SP is broken and we don't make working around such bugs a priority.

-- Scott

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