Unable to establish session with IdP using Edge

Zacharyzachary Pearson zpearson at hawk.iit.edu
Tue Feb 27 16:46:55 EST 2018

Much of shibboleths configuration I’ve been using is the stock configuration that came with a clean install. It occurs when attempting to redirect from shibboleth back to my application. I’m assuming this implies that I need to update my IdP configuration in some place(s). As far as I could gather from some googling, this error is thrown during an ajax call. Would you know at what place in the configuration files I may need to look into?

> On Feb 23, 2018, at 12:19 PM, Cantor, Scott <cantor.2 at osu.edu> wrote:
>> I am assuming this is a browser issue, but I was curious if anyone else has ran
>> into this issue and know of a good work around. Is Edge a known restriction
>> for Shibboleth?
> Nope, works any time I've tried it.
> -- Scott
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