[EXTERNAL] Re: Metagen/megagen.sh

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at osu.edu
Tue Feb 27 15:49:41 EST 2018

Please don't reuse unrelated subject lines and threads, that screws up the archive.

> All I’m looking for is to see the logging message ("Here we are, doing stuff
> ...") show up in my idp-process log, but – nothing.  I’m sure this is something
> fundamentally silly, but since the value itself is being properly fetched from
> the database – at least as far as what “aacli.sh” is telling me – I’m at a loss to
> understand why the script isn’t logging anything.  Any and all assistance
> would be much appreciated.

Probably facts not in evidence. There's nothing obvious wrong with the logging, so the logging is off or the attribute's not resolved at all or the config itself isn't what it's using.

-- Scott

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