How Do You Change SP Target URL?

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There must be a million ways to configure Apache correctly, so I would not call it simple.  I think what's required is to configure it correctly for Shibboleth.  In this case, that meant including the directive "ProxyPreserveHost On" in the virtual server configuration.

The symptom for this requirement was that the URL sent by the SP to the IdP for callback was exactly the URL specified in the ProxyPass and ProxyPassReverse directives.  Our application allows the user to hover over the Shibboleth authentication link, and the browser displays the login URL along with the target URL for callback.  Changing the URL in the ProxyPass directives also changed the target URL.  The ProxyPreserveHost directive changes this behavior so that the correct target can be sent to the IdP.

We needed the ProxyPass directives because we wanted our application, running on Tomcat, to listen on the default Tomcat port, 8080.


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> Yes, I’ve already set “UseCanonicalName On” and “ServerName 
>”.  Shibboleth seems to be getting the URL 
> from one of the proxy commands.  Seems there should be a way to override this?

I would imagine a bare ServerName with no port is using the physical port, which I imagine is 8080. This is a web server configuration issue, not a Shibboleth one. You don't need to override anything in the SP, you simply have to configure Apache correctly. And that *means* overriding any physically virtualized values with the logical ones.
-- Scott

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