Duo Username Lookup Strategy / Alternative Username

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at osu.edu
Fri Feb 23 14:00:23 EST 2018

> 4) Use a custom duo flow that injects your custom lookup strategy into the
> ValidateDuoWebResponse bean.
>     <bean id="ValidateDuoWebResponse" scope="prototype"
>        ...
>        p:usernameLookupStrategy-
> ref="uw.authn.Duo.UsernameLookupStrategy"
>        ...

Why wouldn't you use the bean name already defined for that?

We don't care *what* your function does, but there's no need to give it a different name, we simply reserved the name so you wouldn't have to do all that copying and changing files. That's the basic model used throughout, we standardize the bean names to supply as the interface to override behavior.

-- Scott

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