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That's the thing, the problem does not appear to me to exist in the source. It's possible that the mysql connector (this is a mysql db) is bugged and adding those "\" symbols in front of the ";". Note that ";" is a special character in mysql - so maybe the fact that we're storing these ";" characters in the mysql db is messing up the mysql connector. 

The IDP logs do not show the "\" character but just this week I've seen a similar issue with the IDP not displaying/printing the "\" character.

Is there a SP I can test against that requires either eduPersonAffiliation or isMemberOf? I'd like to see how they react to this kind of data.

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* Ullfig, Roberto Alfredo <rullfig at> [2018-02-09 18:09]:
> I have data that looks like this:
> member\;staff
> I need to get rid of one or more \

What's the data source? Can it be "fixed" instead?
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