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Ernie Kinsey Ernie.Kinsey at cpcc.edu
Fri Feb 9 09:34:44 EST 2018


I believe that the installation of Shibboleth I’m working with may not have been installed via the RPM route; I actually wasn’t involved with the original deployment at all and have inherited maintenance of the app.  This may be why the metagen.sh doesn’t exist – all I can tell you is that nothing I’ve tried to use to locate a file with that name is returning anything.

The information about how Ubuntu isn’t supported for Shibbloeth does fill in a gap in my knowledge, because I didn’t understand why it was deployed in  CentOS; we use a mix of Ubuntu and Debian.

My guess is that going forward RPM will be used.  I’m an application developer myself and Shibboleth rightly belongs to another group here that manages enterprise-wide services of this sort.  I spoke to one of these folks yesterday and he mentioned RPM, which is good because otherwise I’d just be replying to ask you what “RPM” meant before giving you what info I had about metagen.sh.

Sorry for the lengthy response.  Thanks much for the information.


On 2/9/18, 9:14 AM, "Peter Schober" <peter.schober at univie.ac.at> wrote:

    * Ernie Kinsey <Ernie.Kinsey at cpcc.edu> [2018-02-05 20:54]:
    > I’m looking for something that would create a metadata dump from my
    > Shib instance.  I keep seeing references to something called
    > “/etc/shibboleth/metagen.sh”  Most of the discussion I’ve seen is
    > for Ubuntu, but I’m running CentOS 7.  Does anyone know if this
    > utility is available for CentOS, and if so, where I can get my hands
    > on it?

    Ignoring that this was about something else after all, does
    /etc/shibboleth/metagen.sh not exist on the server you installed the
    Shibboleth SP on? That's part of the official RPMs provided by the
    Shibboleth project, that are build on/for CentOS. Obviously it
    wouldn't exist on a machine that does not have the Shib SP software
    Ubuntu is not supported at all by the Shib project (and hardly by
    anyone else; Debian at least has an active team working on packages
    and backporting) and there metagen.sh is neither in /etc/shibboleth
    (due to Linux FHS) nor is it called metagen.sh. It's called
    shib-metagen there and lives in /usr/bin.

    So none of the above makes much sense to me, as the CentOS packages
    have that file exactly where you say, and Ubuntu packages do *not*
    have it there (unless someone built the software from source in which
    case all guesses about locations are off).
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