EDS on different domain

Peter Schober peter.schober at univie.ac.at
Tue Feb 6 19:04:41 EST 2018

* Chanda Banda <chandabnd727 at googlemail.com> [2018-02-05 11:11]:
> Can I use the EDS on a totally different domain to where my Shibboleth
> stuff lives?

Yes. But.

The EDS running in your browser operates on a JSON file with selected
data elements from the SAML metadata. That JSON could come from
anywhere, including a file on whatever webserver you serve the EDS
from. How that file then gets updated would be up to you (e.g. simply
pulling it via a curl command, in a cron job).

While you could reference the DiscoveryFeed handler of a Shib SP from
another server (by using a full URL in your EDS config) that may or
may not work great since that JSON feed is served up by the Shib SP
and that is not in itself a highly performing generic web server.


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