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Mon Feb 5 16:13:00 EST 2018

Hi Ernest,

On Mon, Feb 5, 2018 at 2:53 PM, Ernie Kinsey <Ernie.Kinsey at> wrote:
> I’m looking for something that would create a metadata dump from my Shib instance.  I keep seeing references to something called “/etc/shibboleth/”  Most of the discussion I’ve seen is for Ubuntu, but I’m running CentOS 7.  Does anyone know if this utility is available for CentOS, and if so, where I can get my hands on it?  Any assistance appreciated.

Scott gave the official response but maybe you could describe your use
case a bit more. I have a bunch of metadata tools...

That said, I'll take a wild guess that you want to share your IdP
metadata with SP partners that are not InCommon participants. If so,
you should still point them to InCommon metadata as an authoritative

For some SP partners, I'm sure that is too much to ask given that your
IdP entity descriptor is buried inside a huge file with 1000s of IdPs
(2655 IdPs to be exact). Still, you should be firm since you incur a
technical debt every time you share your metadata out of band (via
email, e.g.).

This problem will mostly go away once your metadata is individually
addressable via the MDQ protocol. In the meantime, there's really not
much you can do, I'm afraid.


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