attribute-map of attributes with umlaute (ä,ö,ü) does not work in IIS (SP)

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Fri Feb 2 08:50:38 EST 2018

* pesche.egli at <pesche.egli at> [2018-02-02 12:55]:
> I'm  configuring shibboleth-sp- on a IIS, accepting 
> SAML-Assertions with attribute values containing "Umlaute" (ä,ö,ü)
> When the saml2:AttributeValue contains an umlaut (ä,ö,ü), i don't manage 
> it to get it out from the request-header within the .NET webapp

What does that mean, specifically? That the encoding is wrong within
your application? Is the whole stack UTF8-clean (assuming the data is
even UTF-8 on the wire)?

> As far as i understood, no special AttributeDecoder is required in
> the attribute-map.xml file.

Umlauts or not, I never had to do anything in the SP -- other than
make sure the encoding of the web server was correct (so not in the
With Tomcat/Java servlet's that's a known issue due to the servlet
spec insisting on isolatin, IIRC. Check the archives for details if
you need to proxy to Java.


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