Shibboleth Browser/Artifact profile error

Pranab pranab.paul at
Wed Dec 26 07:46:57 EST 2018


I am new to Shibboleth.
My IDP version is 3 and SP version is 3.
Browser/POST Profile request flow is working properly.

For Browser/Artifact Profile request, I am getting the following exception
at SP.

2018-12-19 04:49:15 ERROR Shibboleth.ArtifactResolver [2] [default]:
exception resolving SAML 1.x artifact(s): CURLSOAPTransport failed while
contacting SOAP endpoint
( SSL:
no alternative certificate subject name matches target host name
2018-12-19 04:49:15 WARN Shibboleth.SSO.SAML1 [2] [default]: error
processing incoming assertion: Unable to resolve artifact(s) into a SAML

Any hint will be appreciated.


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