Our SP stacks doesn't process login after IDP update from v2 to v3

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at osu.edu
Fri Dec 21 10:21:44 EST 2018

> The only way we could come up with to not to have the 500 error (and also not
> see the jsessionid part in the URL that is suspect) is to take out the
> "ShibUseHeaders On" from httpd.conf, and what is expected at that point is to
> receive the Shib attributes as environment variables vs. HTTP headers. That
> doesn't happen unfortunately.

None of that is connected to header usage, you're misinterpreting what you're seeing.

> Any help/insights are greatly appreciated.

The error has nothing whatsoever to do with the IdP version, it's a GET to a POST endpoint. You have logs and access to the client to trace everything. That is the only way to research the issue.

-- Scott

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