getInputStream failed on wrapped resource

Paul B. Henson henson at
Wed Dec 19 18:02:00 EST 2018

I see this in my logs occasionally:

2018-12-18 17:36:52,819 - / - INFO                                       
[net.shibboleth.ext.spring.resource.ConditionalResource:87] -                   
ConditionalResource conditional:/opt/shibboleth-idp/conf/mvc-beans.xml:         
getInputStream failed on wrapped resource

I think it's only when the idp is restarted. It's only info level, but I
was curious what is failing and whether it's something I could resolve.

There is no file /opt/shibboleth-idp/conf/mvc-beans.xml, just one in
/opt/shibboleth-idp/system/conf/mvc-beans.xml. I see that one refers to
the one that doesn't exist:

<import resource="conditional:${idp.home}/conf/mvc-beans.xml" />

Hmm, so I guess it's complaining that it couldn't open that file, but
since the import is conditional it's just informational, not an actual
problem failure? Seems like I should just add that pattern to the ignore
list for my log report then.


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