integrating with cloudera hue (SP) via SAML

Kunal Shah ks186033 at
Wed Dec 19 06:24:23 EST 2018

Hi All,

We are the SAML 2.0 IDP and trying to configure cloudera hue as SAML SP.

Funny thing is that cloudera consultants are asking *idp private key*
to configure SP side in Cloudera Hue. That was strange so I tried to
take a look at the documentation. Documentation is confusing at best
but does talk about private key etc.

I am not sure why as an IDP I need to share my private key. That's the
major security loophole if that's how Cloudera makes SAML work, and
possibly I can't do that.

But besides that fact, have you tried SAML integration with Cloudera
Hue and am I reading it right in the documentation that says SP needs
IDP's private key?

Here is the link to documentation and a snippet.
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