how to get session id when using shibboleth with ezproxy

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Fri Dec 14 07:09:41 EST 2018

* sigal <sigal.leibovitz at> [2018-12-14 09:15]:
> i'm using shibboleth with ezproxy,

So you're running the Shibboleth Identity Provider software on one
server, and EZproxy as SAML Service Provider on another server, right?

> and i need to get the session id ,

What exactly do you mean with "the session id"? The Shibboleth IDP
will not send a session id to the EZproxy SAML SP, though it may
itself log a session id locally.
If EZproxy itself has a session id and you want to log it then that's
a question for the EZproxy documntation or OCLC support.

> in ezproxy a have a log file witch have the session id,

So you already have all the information available at your EZproxy
side? Or are you asking about the Shibboleth IDP that should send some
more data/attributes to the EZproxy?

> and i have shibuser.txt file were i have to configure in order to output the
> shibbolet information (to message.txt file).

How to log stuff with the EZproxy software sounds like a question
about EZproxy, not Shibboleth.


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