Multiple Conditions -- expiring-password-intercept-config.xml

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Hi Joshua,

You could convert expiring-password.vm to a series of #if tests and #parse commands.

#if (condition1)
#elseif (condition2)

This syntax may not be 100% correct, it’s just an illustration.  The view template has access to a bunch of stuff from the IDP, including the user attributes (I think) and the entityID of the SP (relying party). So you can use that info in your conditions.  See the IDP wiki and the distributed velocity view files for examples.

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In expiring-password-intercept-config.xml --- is it possible to have multiple conditions -- say

Condition 1 --- go to expiring-password.vm

Condition 2 --- go to expiring-password2.vm (which we can create)?

Rationale: We have a number of departments who wish different messaging on pages.
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