Issue with large HTTP headers for ECP authentication

Daudt, Carl crdaudt at
Mon Dec 10 14:52:49 EST 2018

I would like to see what is inside this cookie but am not sure how to decrypt it (or else log what is going into it.  I have the sealer.jsk and sealer.kver files, and also the isp.sealer.storePassword and isp.sealer.keyPassword values.  Can these be used to crack what is inside?  If so, how?


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If you don't want/need the ECP client to retain sessions for SSO, it can stop remembering the cookie but you don't control this client.

I imagine there's something stale that's not really valid or needed being kept around and accumulating in the cookie, but there are no bugs open on it and I don't see any older commits that might have to do with it if it's a known issue.

-- Scott

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