Location of XSD files on Windows SP Installs

Crawford, Jeffrey jcrawford at it.ucla.edu
Fri Dec 7 13:33:15 EST 2018

Good Morning,

We have a client who is trying to migrate their shibboleth app, from one windows machine to another, however they copied the content of the /opt/shibboleth-sp directory, and now the new server is running Shib 3.0 (The old was 2.6). we tried to add useHeaders=”true” to the Site definition but it’s not passing the XML parser. I’m trying to see which XSD the server has but we can’t seem to find them. Are they in an archive file or something?

If we could get the default path, that might help us understand why this is breaking. (The app is designed to read the HTTP headers and not varaibles.)

Jeffrey C.
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