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Hi Nate,

Thanks for the reply. I searched IDP log and found “Error resolving attributes” occurred when IDP failed to connect to one of our LDAP servers. We have multiple LDAP server urls specified in ldapURL. How to configure IDP to retry using the next ldap url in the list?

The default value of noResultIsError is false. If I set it to true, will IDP display error page when this happens?


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Your IdP will usually send an assertion with an AuthenticationStatement but no AttributeStatement at all.  The SP will not see this as an error and it’s not an error in SAML because attributes aren’t mandatory and you can’t know whether the IdP meant to send any.

Hope this helps,
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I saw “Error resolving attributes” in IDP process log and I found corresponding entry in IDP audit log which has no attribute released. When this error occurred, what was status shown in SAML assertion?




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