SP 3 for Debian?

Wessel, Keith kwessel at illinois.edu
Fri Aug 31 09:44:19 EDT 2018

Hi, Etienne,

My confusion was from the note at the top of your Debian installation guide:

There's a note stating that the Shibboleth Consortium has released V3 but that the guides from Switch haven't yet been updated. It goes on to say that the Shibboleth V2 configuration process will still work with V3. That's all well and good, but it lead me to believe that the guides weren't updated but the packages were. Obviously, bad inference. If others haven't asked about this, you can chalk it up to my making bad assumptions.

Thanks for outlining the remainder of the process.


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On 30/08/18 19:22, Wessel, Keith wrote:
> The Switch installation docs for the SP make it sound, however, like 
> Switch has SP V3 Debian packages.

What part of our SP installation guide [1] gave you the impression that we have SPv3 packages for Debian? I'd need to fix it because we don't actually have them yet. ;)

> Are there Shib SP V3 packages available from Switch or anywhere else?

Not to my knowledge.

You can track the state of Shibboleth packages in Debian on [2]. This page shows that all necessary v3 packages, except the SP itself (shibboleth-sp2), are currently in Debian "experimental". When all packages are ready in experimental and Ferenc is satisfied with their state, he'll upload them to Debian "unstable". They will have to endure some automated scrutiny there for about a week [3] and if all is well they will be migrated to Debian "testing". They will remain in testing until the next Debian "stable" release, but backports to stable are allowed at this stage. This is what I'll take to make official Debian backports (available in stretch-backports) and SWITCH's own packages for Debian and Ubuntu.

I can't really give a date for when all of this will be ready, probably in September.


[1] https://www.switch.ch/aai/guides/sp/installation/
[3] details can be found on each package's tracker, for example

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