Too many database connections

Wessel, Keith kwessel at
Fri Aug 24 16:09:38 EDT 2018

Hi, all,

A strange problem started up this morning that we haven't seen since moving to HikariCP for connection pooling a couple years ago. Our IdP nodes are opening way more database connections than they should be. I've seen as many s 80 connections from mysql's show processlist command from a single IdP node.

We're only using database storage for consent, and we've left hikaricp at all of its defaults. Fro the docs, it looks like the max pool size is 10.

When we shut down an IdP node, its connections seem to hang around, too, slowly going down in umber. We had a node that I shut down a couple hours ago. It had 50+ connections when I shut it down, it's still got 15, but the IdP (and there's nothing else on the server that makes database connections) hasn't been running for a couple hours.

Any suggestions for what a cause might be or where I might start troubleshooting this?

I can always raise my MySQL max client connections, but I suspect that will just put off the problem until I have even more connections.


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