OBJECT scope search in LDAP/AD attribute resolver

brabec at ncsu.edu brabec at ncsu.edu
Wed Aug 22 13:46:29 EDT 2018

I have a running IdP 3.3.3 setup with an attribute resolver 
data connector that uses LDAP to search Active Directory.
Attribute resolution is working fine where I'm doing something like

    baseDN = ou=People,dc=blah,...
    searchFilter = (cn=$requestContext.principalName)

The problem that I have is one of the attributes that I want 
requires an OBJECT-scope search. In AD terms:
searchFlags: fBASEONLY - Specifies that the attribute is not to be
returned by search operations that are not scoped to a single object.

I've added the following to my DataConnector. The extra attribute that
I want is optional, so it needs to be explicitly requested.

    <ReturnAttributes>* msds-memberOfTransitive</ReturnAttributes>

1. This returns an AD error on the query because of fBASEONLY
    baseDN = ou=People,dc=blah,...
    searchFilter = (cn=$requestContext.principalName)

2. This does too
    baseDN = ou=People,dc=blah,...
    searchFilter = (cn=$requestContext.principalName)

3. This returns 0 results
    baseDN = ou=People,dc=blah,...
    searchFilter = (cn=$requestContext.principalName)

4. This works, because I've hard-coded my user into the baseDN:
    baseDN = cn=userid,ou=People,dc=blah,...
    searchFilter = (cn=*)

It appears that I need to find a way to get the velocity variable
$requestContext.principalName into my baseDN before I can do this search

Has anyone tried this sort of query that they could share some examples?


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