Correct order for IIS setup with Shibboleth SP v3

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Thu Aug 16 03:23:03 EDT 2018


I was able to resolve the issue I have yesterday but reinstalling Shibboleth but I don't really understand why the issue occurred.  IT was clearly something that didn't work when it was installed.  My question is what is needed and what order should I do things in to make it reliable?  What does the installer do to IIS to make it work?  For example the /shibboleth.sso/ path responds even though I don't see where that is mapped in IIS?

When it failed, my software was installed already, which means it had deleted the default website and created it's own with site Id=1.  Does Shibboleth care ?  Is it reliant on the default website and/or ID=1 in any way?

If I was to install shibboleth SP first would removing the default website afterwards break anything?

Finally,  how to you tell it to configure IIS from a silent install?  It the GUI it's a checkbox that is off by default.  I.e. if I run

shibboleth-sp- /quiet /norestart /log shib.log

Seems to install the plugin but I am not clear if it configures it as  checking the box in the gui does.


Leigh Kennedy

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