Metadata resolver is looking at ID instead of entityID

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Mon Aug 6 14:18:52 EDT 2018

> No, you're interpreting that too literally.   Metadata lookup (at least in all the
> basic and common cases) is by entityID.  Additionally, the ID attrib in
> metadata is usually a transient value, generated and assigned anew on each
> new document "version", and as such there is no way that it could be used as
> the basis for looking it up by another party, since there's practically speaking
> no way they would or could know it in advance.

Metadata's much looser, it can definitely be a fixed value, that's not unusual. It's just the signature anchor. I would probably suggest we clean up that message, though it's true it hasn’t really come up before.

-- Scott

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