Metadata resolver is looking at ID instead of entityID

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Mon Aug 6 12:52:01 EDT 2018

* Cody Carmichael <ccarmichael at> [2018-08-06 18:47]:
> Metadata Resolver FilesystemMetadataResolver LocalEntityMetadataCRC:
> > Metadata backing store does not contain any EntityDescriptors with the ID:
> >
> Which I understand it appears to be looking at the ID instead of the
> entityID.

I wouldn't claim the IDP's metadata lookup was fundamentally broke
based on the wording of that log message. The message is that the
entity wasn't found, I'd say.

> Even when I edited the metadata file so that ID="
> rest/v2/sso/message/shibboleth/metadata", after I restarted
> shibboleth and tried accessing the login screen again the logs still
> had the same message in the logs about the backing store not
> containing any EntityDescriptors with the provided ID.

How did that not put an end to speculations about what happens here?

I have double and triple checked that the entityID
> and the ID are "https://mySPnet/rest/v2/sso/message/shibboleth/metadata" I
> have also double and triple checked that the metadata file is where it is
> supposed to be. So my two questions are:
> 1. Why would the IdP be looking at the ID instead of the entityID in the
> metadata? Where is this configured?

It wouldn't.

> 2. Even after I change the ID to be what the IdP is looking for, why
> would it not be recognizing the change?

Because it doesn't look at that.

Which only leaves the obvious: Something in your config is wrong,
leading the IDP to not find your metadata.


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