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Sat Aug 4 15:52:26 EDT 2018

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> I understand that entityIDSelf has the same restriction as applicationId, because the former is a special case of the 
> latter.
> I didn't think so deeply.

To be honest, I didn't either. I'm not sure that it would actually work to try and do this for a specific path alone, because of the handler problem. I think it would take some trickery/advanced stuff to make it work. It was definitely designed for vhosting.

The AssertionConsumerService would need to apply itself the same entityID when it's doing its work, and that would probably require something like a custom AssertionConsumerService element inside the <Sessions> element to advertise a different endpoint to receive the response.

It's like an ApplicationOverride but sort of "done by hand". I'm not sure that buys a whole heck of a lot, if anything that's probably harder than just doing an override to start with. I really didn't consider the implications of trying to do it, so I would agree with you that I think it warrants some documentation when I have a chance. It's a new feature so getting that documented hasn't been a priority.

-- Scott

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