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Tom Scavo trscavo at
Thu Aug 2 19:48:46 EDT 2018

On Thu, Aug 2, 2018 at 7:37 PM, Cody Carmichael <ccarmichael at> wrote:
>> See the MetadataManagementBestPractices [1] topic.
> Yes I've read through that, but it didn't provide any use cases.

I appreciate any feedback you might have.

> Like if the
> SP is going to have lots of people logging in and out, doesn't the SP
> metadata need to be gotten with each login?

No, the number of user accesses is irrelevant.

> So wouldn't it make sense to get
> it dynamically instead of from a static file?

No, see above.

> Is the metadata something to
> identity each user logging in or just the SP itself?

That's a key question and probably the source of most of your
confusion. The metadata describes the SP, not the user.


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