Duo integration type for IdP Duo integration

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at osu.edu
Tue Oct 31 15:18:58 EDT 2017

> I've heard off-list from at least one person that the built-in IdP Duo
> integration works with an integration type of Weg SDK (thanks). Not yet
> knowing what the difference is between those two types, I'm not sure if
> we're breaking anything by going that route, or more importantly if
> something might break in the future. But it sounds like we wouldn't be alone.

I don't know then. All the integration I did does is trigger the iframe, but I will have to be cognizant of this if I expand that. Maryland was going to be working on some code to do Auth API calls and I hadn't realized that would cause issues with the integration.

-- Scott

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