ForceAuthn and RemoteUser handler

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Tue Oct 31 07:32:28 EDT 2017

* Matthew Slowe <M.Slowe at> [2017-10-30 21:09]:
> We did... we chose SimpleSAMLphp as our central SSO but have had to
> hang Shibboleth off to the side to cope with Office365... this
> seemed like the most elegant solution to keeping it seamless until
> recently.

What's SSP missing that prevents it from not being usable as an IDP
with that SP? From the posts on the SSP mailing lists I have the
impression many are in fact using SSP with that service successfully.

Also I think the Shibboleth IDP can very likely do everything SSP
can (and more, of course), so going with either of those two alone
would still be preferrable to having to run both.

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