iOS Word -> Sharepoint -> ADFS -> Shibboleth

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Sat Oct 28 16:51:05 EDT 2017

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> Is it possible to disable the MessageReplay check for testing purpose? Didn’t find a solution for that in the documentation.

For testing, it's easy, just comment out that step in system/flows/saml/saml2/sso-security-flow.xml

It's not exposed in any way at the moment. It requires customizing inbound interceptor flows being wired in internally as security policy enforcement and that involves a lot of dangerous changes or touching system files as above which won't survive an update.

The most readily "exposed" way of doing this is actually by implementing a "null" StorageService implementation in Java and plugging that in by pointing the replay cache at it. Not real elegant but anything else involves uglier work.

-- Scott

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