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If you look at  their identity provider, I believe you'll find what its
doing is SAML-to-CAS translation.
We started down the road of doing Banner 8 and then 9 with SAML
(Shibboleth) but encountered many challenges (stemming from Ellucian
In the end, with the release of Shibb's IdPv3 support of CAS that is well
baked into their products, we went with the CAS protocol hosted from our
Shibb servers and let go of pushing for bettter SAML support from Ellucian.


On Fri, Oct 27, 2017 at 3:16 PM, Craig Pluchinsky <craigp at> wrote:

> Has anyone out there been able to get Shib to work with Banner 9? Ellucian
> told us they only support their identity provider.  It should be straight
> forward, just adapting the docs to use Shib, but I can't seem to get things
> to work.
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