Tomcat 8.0 EOL

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Wed Oct 18 06:05:57 EDT 2017

* Daisuke Miyakawa <d.miyakawa at> [2017-10-18 00:44]:
> I understand some other pages explicitly limits the support to Tomcat 8.0.

Besides what Niko said (Tomcat 8.5 mostly being Tomcat 8.0 plus some
backported features from Tomcat 9) at least part of that seems to come
from the habit of writing "Software x.0" when meaning "Software
x.y" -- where x is the major version and y a minor one /other/ than 0.
E.g. "IDP 3.0" for all IDP 3.x releases, not merely 3.0.0.

Case in point: The whole space for the Shib IDP is called "IDP30" but
it is not specific to the 3.0(.0) release of the IDP, it also applies
to 3.x.


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