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Try using <bean parent=CAS.LoginConfiguration p;postAuthenticationFlows=….

instead of <ref bean=….


On Oct 13, 2017, at 8:38 AM, Rhian Resnick <rresnick at<mailto:rresnick at>> wrote:

Morning all,

I am unable to enable post authentication flows for CAS based authentications as the following relaying-party configuration errors and removing it eliminates the external-transfer postAuthenticationFlow from executing for CAS services.

A hint in the correct direction would be most appreciated. .

                <bean parent="Shibboleth.SSO" p:postAuthenticationFlows="#{ {  'external-transfer' } }"  />
                <ref bean="SAML1.AttributeQuery" />
                <ref bean="SAML1.ArtifactResolution" />
                <bean parent="SAML2.SSO" p:postAuthenticationFlows="#{ {  'external-transfer' } }" />
                <ref bean="SAML2.ECP" />
                <ref bean="SAML2.Logout" />
                <ref bean="SAML2.AttributeQuery" />
                <ref bean="SAML2.ArtifactResolution" />
                <ref bean="Liberty.SSOS" />
                <!-- <ref bean="CAS.LoginConfiguration" /> -->
                <ref bean="CAS.LoginConfiguration" p:postAuthenticationFlows="#{ {  'external-transfer' } }"  />
                <ref bean="CAS.ProxyConfiguration" />
                <ref bean="CAS.ValidateConfiguration" />


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