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Wed Oct 11 16:58:02 EDT 2017

A couple of questions around Office 365 with Shibboleth authentication. I’m looking at options for our setup as we need to implement multi-factor authentication and I at the very least need to replace our ADFS 2.0 installation.  I’ve found information on upgrading ADFS, but given we’re focusing on Shib for our other apps, I’d prefer to switch to Shibboleth since setting up the same level of availability with ADFS that we already have for Shib would be more of a challenge I think.

  1.  For those of you using Shib + Office 365, have you found any setups that routinely don’t work or other gotchas?  I saw traffic a while back suggesting that activation of desktop installations of Office software on Macs didn’t work. I also recall reading somewhere that the Shib signing certificate would need to be a commercially issued one in order to work with Office 365.
  2.  Were there any guides that you used to set it up in the first place? The closest I’ve found is a guide for Dynamics 365 (

I do have a test environment I can break things in to try this out, but I’d prefer not to fly blind.


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