Fwd: unable to locate metadata for provider

Nick Koskinas nick at eellak.gr
Fri Oct 6 09:21:17 EDT 2017

Hello list,

I can confirm this issue. The service provider [1] does not seem able
to locate my metadata. Even if the my IdP url is in the current entity
list [2].
This issue occurred today 06-10, yesterday it worked perfectly. I saw in
older archived emails on this list that this issue occurs from time to

P.S. I joined the list after the message I'm replying to was send, so I
manually added the In-Reply-To header. I hope I wont break the thread.

[1] - https://sp.testshib.org
[2] - https://www.testshib.org/entities.html

nick at eellak.gr
GPG: 0x697DD51332DD2029

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