Change the "name=" value for the UID attribute definition for specific entityIDs

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Thu Oct 5 11:16:59 EDT 2017

> On the topic of maintenance, it's an easier process to simply define a new
> attribute and release that attribute only to certain SP(s), as the original
> poster was trying to accomplish. It also doesn't require a restart since
> resolver and filter can be reloaded. As long as the attribute-resolver and
> attribute-filter configurations are well documented, fewer files have been
> touched in the process. Using the activation condition, I've created an
> additional file and made changes to services.xml (which up until this point,
> was default).

That's assuming you don't already have custom beans defined to the resolver, which is a common need. If we just defaulted one in as a stubbed out file you'd already have had it and you'd be touching the "existing" resolver configuration either way.

> On the other hand, adding a 'random' attribute simply for one SP will add to
> the processing overhead when it comes to filtering attributes.

It adds overhead to resolving them too since it's resolved every time, unless you attach, you guessed it, a condition.

-- Scott

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