IdP 3 Browser Certificate

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Thu Oct 5 04:24:34 EDT 2017

* James McCartin <jmccartin at> [2017-10-04 21:59]:
> I restarted the IdP.  When I go to
> https://localhost:444/idp/profile/status, the new cert is being
> used.  When I go to https://localhost/idp/profile/status, the old
> cert is being used.  What do I need to change to get this to use the
> new certificate?

Well, obviously the ports are different, so whatever makes your
webserver (Jetty here, seemingly) listen and behave differently on 443
vs 444 is to blame.
What caused the webserver to listen on 444 in the first place?
I can't imagine this being a default.


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