Change the "name=" value for the UID attribute definition for specific entityIDs

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Tue Oct 3 11:24:19 EDT 2017

> Any help is much appreciated.

The answer to your question is to attach activation conditions to encoders with the alternative names you want. The advice to your situation is that uid is not an attribute anybody should ever use in a federated application, it's meaningless and has no semantics and should be avoided. And that creating one-off names is a bad idea that should also be avoided.

I've never run into an SP that explicitly needed "uid", such SPs rarely care what you give them or what you call it. It is very unlikely that what you're being told is accurate. Not impossible, but unlikely. It's extremely common for vendors to tell you you have to use bogus names for things and in fact they're just trying to avoid work. Just tell them to support the standard properly and suck it up. If they refuse, you should at least demand to file it as a bug.

-- Scott

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