NameID configuration per relying party

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Mon Oct 2 10:08:57 EDT 2017

> I think part of the issue here is that this RP has provided no metadata, and
> rather than creating an "open" IdP, I created a metadata file by hand after
> much excruciating back-and-forth with the vendor. Nonetheless, I do now
> have it sending campusPermanentId in the NameID of the Subject. The piece
> I was missing at last was to set the NameIDFormat in the metadata for the
> RP.

If the use case is for a custom Format based on some existing attribute, then stylistically my advice would be, don't mess with activation conditions to limit it, just apply standard filtering to the attribute itself, and then leave the generator alone. That way you have one place to control data policy. Anything that triggers that Format would be "getting that NameID" but they won't get anything if the attribute isn't released to them, so there's no unexpected behavior.

The purpose of activation conditions in generators is really to deal with broken SPs that require mis-use of a Format such that you need multiple generators configured of a given Format and need them to avoid colliding.

-- Scott

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