AW: Wrong fallback language

Sobotka Martin martin.sobotka at
Wed May 31 05:21:50 EDT 2017

>>> I also believe that Spring should fall back to the "bare" file, in 
>>> other projects I use the same technology and the behavior is like 
>>> that. Where can I turn the logging for this to "debug"? I tried the following:
>> I have no idea what categories would be involved, you'd have to experiment.
>> My guess offhand is that your methods are getting mixed. If a cookie were still set then it would get used even if you specified a bad value in the header or URL. Are you sure a totally clean browser doesn't fall back to the bare file?
> Every time I test, my browser is clear. The value of URL parameter "Lang" will be stored in the cookie "locale" with correct value.
> Now I've a bare messages file and one for every supported language: en, zh, de. The bare message file will never taken.

Problem solved!
Spring fallback is by default the system language - in my case German.
I modified the bean "messageSource" at "system/conf/global-system.xml" :
	<bean id="messageSource" class=""
		p:defaultEncoding="UTF-8" />

At "" I added the property "idp.message.fallbackToSystemLocale".

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