BindingException with SAML2

Rafal Lalik rafal.lalik at
Wed May 31 02:59:53 EDT 2017


I am running SP which is registered in my target federation and I am 
redirected to proper WAYF, I authenticate and then when I am back to my 
server I am experiencing Internal Server Error 500. SOme more digging

Some online digging led me to checking status of the SAML2:

and there is a problem:

opensaml::BindingException at 
Invalid HTTP method (GET).

Some more digging online, where sadly there is not so many info, shows 
that there could be something useful written in the IdP logs. I 
contacted my IdP for more help but maybe you could tell me what is 
wrong? There is not so much online. Is it a SP config issue? Should I 
change something in my configuration? I followed all my federation 
instructions how to configure shibboleth.

I reviewed all my configuration and all looks good, I don't know what is 
the problem.

In the shib.log I can also find:

Shibboleth.Listener [61]: detected socket closure, shutting down worker 

which I found is associated with the problem.

There is also this thread:

but I didn't learn anything from there. It is also a bit old so things 
may change in meantime.

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