SP overrides with SAML SP to Shibboleth IDP

Peter Schober peter.schober at univie.ac.at
Fri May 26 17:17:21 EDT 2017

* Andrew Rosendahl <arosendahl at hubspring.com> [2017-05-26 22:08]:
> I have a mobile native application that uses Auth0 as a SAML service
> provider to login to a university system Shibboleth IDP.  My
> application needs to have a different timeout than the IDP default
> timeout … my understanding is that SP applicationOverride is the
> mechanism to achieve this but I can’t find much info on the web
> besides the wiki.  Can SP overrides be accomplished from a SAML SP
> (without it being a Shibboleth SP) and if so how?

If you're asking about technical details (e.g. session management) of
a SAML SP that's not the Shibboleth implementation then this is not
the right place to ask.

Try something that's specific to "Auth0".


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