Shib IDP 3.3, external authn with CGI

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Thu May 25 19:14:05 EDT 2017

On 5/25/17, 6:13 PM, "users on behalf of Losen, Stephen C. (scl)" <users-bounces at on behalf of scl at> wrote:

>  Is this considered a SSO system?

Yes, that's a SSO protocol. I can't just assume somebody asking about this understands that all of that is the bare minimum required to do this. People post to the list semi-routinely and think that passing query strings is enough. I have re-calibrated my assumption of knowledge to "zero" over the last 15 years. The conservative reaction to this sort of question is "don't do it". People that understand enough to do it safely know enough to argue the point.

-- Scott

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