shibboleth2.xml configuration for www and non-www requests to same host (IIS)

Chris Dell chrisdell at
Thu May 25 11:35:26 EDT 2017

We're using IIS 7.0.

We're having a problem in which the following request is authenticated, but
after successful login, is incorrectly redirected to


But these requests all work correctly (after login, all are redirected to as expected):


Do you have any suggestions?  Redirect rules configured in the redirect
module seem to happen after any shibboleth authentication, so that doesn't
seem to be a fix/problem.

Our requestmap is configured similar:
<Host name="" applicationId="idhere" redirectToSSL="443">

<Path name="site">

<Path name="aspx" requireSession="true" authType="shibboleth">



<RuleRegex require="our_role">RoleName</RuleRegex>






And our ISAPI:
<ISAPI normalizeRequest="true">
      <Site id="####" name=""/>
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