EduGain Metadata integration

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Wed May 24 06:02:25 EDT 2017

* Alan Buxey <alan.buxey at> [2017-05-23 18:41]:
> you get this issue with latest 0.9.2 release - when using latest
> openjdk on redhat/centos etc  (same problem with 0.8.0 but as you say,
> thats ancient history now).  have contacted the author and
> have started to update the WIKI - the issue seems to be same historic
> JAVA 8 problem with SPRING.  have tried with Java 7 - same issue.
> looking to see if 0.9.0 works with J7...

I've never used the MDA myself, really. I just thought I'd see what
I'd get following the same steps Raja did.

So you're saying there's an "historic JAVA 8 problem with SPRING" but
"Java 7 - same issue"? Are you saying the Shib MDA doesn't work /at/
/all/ with either Java7 or Java8? That wouldn't leave anything to run
it on, would it?
Or just that the recipie posted on the eduGAIN wiki doesn't work in
certain environments?

FWIW, I tried this with the OpenJDK8 JRE on Debian 8, violating both
common recommendations from this project to use the JDK not the JRE,
and to use non-free Oracle Java instead of Free/Libre OpenJDK.


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