Need help in shibboleth configuration

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Tue May 23 10:53:03 EDT 2017

> I have done the changes as mentioned below but still not getting the
> REMOTE_USER value in response.

Given that you didn't do any of the things that I said you had to do, that's not a surprise.

>From what I can see you made no changes to the configuration whatsoever except that you improperly altered the rule for an unrelated attribute and changed its internal name to enterprise_id.

Once again:

You need to create a new AttributeRule containing the name and nameFormat XML attributes that match the SAML Attribute's Name and NameFormat in the incoming response. If you want to give it an id of enterprise_id that's fine. And you need to replace the existing REMOTE_USER setting with one that contains that id, meaning REMOTE_USER="enterprise_id".
-- Scott

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