Second Office365 Domain requires different "Issuer URI"

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Mon May 22 09:26:07 EDT 2017

> In my understanding, the "PostLookupPopulateAuditContext" action in the
> "saml.abstract" flow is responsible for obtaining the entity ID written to the audit log. This action is
> run before authentication and attribute resolution occur, therefore the required
> attribute is not yet available, and the default entity ID is returned.
> I'm not sure how this can be fixed.

You can add the same field extractor to one of the later-run maps of extractors so it overwrites the value. All the maps are user-configurable, they supplement or override the system maps.

As for the artifact thing, that seems somewhat odd to me but as I told the OP, this is the kind of thing that is bound to cause problems.
-- Scott

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