MessageReplay & Memcached operation did not complete in time

Aaron Howell aaron.howell at
Sun May 21 22:49:40 EDT 2017

2017-05-22 12:20:10,998 - ERROR [] - Exception reading/writing to storage service, returning Memcached operation did not complete in time (2s)
2017-05-22 12:20:10,998 - WARN [] - Message Handler:  Replay detected of message '_c72c3548be088a95ee57dfb71aad17f6' from issuer ''
2017-05-22 12:20:11,000 - WARN [net.shibboleth.idp.profile.impl.WebFlowMessageHandlerAdaptor:202] - Profile Action WebFlowMessageHandlerAdaptor: Exception handling message
org.opensaml.messaging.handler.MessageHandlerException: Rejecting replayed message ID '_c72c3548be088a95ee57dfb71aad17f6' from issuer
2017-05-22 12:20:11,001 - WARN [org.opensaml.profile.action.impl.LogEvent:105] - A non-proceed event occurred while processing the request: MessageReplay

Is this expected behaviour?

I guess I was surprised that what was ultimately a “cannot obtain result" defaulted to a positive detection of Message Replay.


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